Why Choose Us?

Nielsen Vision Development Center uses individualized treatment programs designed to eliminate or improve conditions such as reduced visual fields, retained primitive reflexes, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, eye teaming (binocular vision), oculomotor deficiencies (tracking), suppression, accommodation (ability to change focus from near to far), and visual processing deficiencies.

We are one of the few clinics in San Antonio who incorporates both syntonic light therapy and retained primitive reflex integration into our programs.

All of our therapy is administered by well-trained vision therapists under the direct guidance and supervision of Dr. Leigha M. Nielsen, OD.  The average vision therapy program involves one 60 minute office visit per week with alternating “home check” sessions.  We also send home 15-30 minutes of supportive home therapy material.  Most deficiencies can be rehabilitated in 35-50 office visits however more complicated cases may require additional time.

Along with our program we also do progress evaluations every 10 weeks with retesting at the 6 month mark.


In San Antonio and the surrounding area, there are several clinics claiming to offer Vision Therapy services.  Many however are not 100% dedicated to rehabilitating the entire visual system.  Some clinics base their treatment on diagnosis only and others are extensions of optometric offices where the main focus is on eye exams and glasses/contact sales rather than Vision Therapy.

We also offer evening hours as well as Saturday’s and are conveniently located in the Schertz/Selma area.



NVDC has competitive pricing and offers several payment plans to work with varying budgets.  We do accept insurance for our evaluations (initial and progress).  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not recognize Vision Therapy as a medically necessary service therefor we are unable to file session charges with insurance.