About Us

WHY choose NVDC?

We use individualized treatment programs designed to eliminate or improve conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed or wandering eye), eye teaming (binocular vision), focusing, and tracking disorders, and visual processing (perception) problems.

All of our therapy is administered by well trained vision therapists under the direct guidance and supervision of Dr. Leigha M. Nielsen.  The average vision therapy program involves one 60 minute office visit per week along with 15-20 minutes of supportive home therapy 5 times per week.  Most problems can be eliminated in 24-40 office visits.  More complicated problems however may require additional time.

In San Antonio and the surrounding area, there are several clinics claiming to offer Vision Therapy services. However, most of them are not 100% dedicated to Vision Therapy alone.  NVDC does not sell eyeglasses or contact lenses… our ONLY focus is enhancing the quality of life for our patients with Vision Therapy!

We offer hours that suit everyone’s schedule and NVDC is conveniently located; no need to travel to the medical center in rush hour on Interstate 35!  We also have competitive pricing and offer payment plans that work with anyone’s budget.

It is important to note that vision therapy is not defined by a simple list of tools and techniques.  Successful vision therapy outcomes are achieved through a therapeutic process that depends on the active engagement of the prescribing doctor, the vision therapist, the patient and (in the case of children) their parents.