Forms for Patients

Please complete and submit the below form at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.   If we do not receive these forms 24 hours before your scheduled appointment we will have to re-schedule.  After completing each tab select the “Submit Data” tab and then click on the “Submit Data” button.  This will send the information directly to us, there’s no need to print anything out.

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Our patient portal allows you to request access to your records.  When you click the button below you will need the username and password you chose when signing our HIPPA agreement in order to sign in and access your portal.  Should you forget your username or password contact us and we can retrieve it.  If you want to change your username or password you’ll need to contact us so that we can make the changes.

When you log in for the first time you’ll find there are no records or documents available.  In order to access a record you must request it.  For example, if you would like to see the findings for one of your evaluations or the ReadAlyzer results, let us know and we can move that file into your portal.   Also, any additional copies of reports should be requested through the portal.  If you are seeking reimbursement from your insurance and need invoices, you can request these as well and we will upload them.

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